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Our service:
We also offer our services as a "project package". I.e. all the work starting from registration to first production.
This project package will be defined for content and timing.
We are of course happy for additional questions at any time. Please contact us using our inquiry form or call us.
Tel: +49-(0)6074-485521

Analysis of the project

  • Objectives of market precise
  • Schedule
  • Risk management

Search for a location and registration

  • Documentation of different sites in the PRC and other asian regions
  • Founding of investor companies in Hong Kong or British Virgin Islands
  • Processing of all applicable forms and dealing with the public authorities

Images of an industrial park


To switch production to Asia

  • Assistance to the import of production machines
  • Sourcing local manufacturers of production machines
  • Organization of the prepatory work for the production within the industrial park
  • Search for suitable workers


Product search and order processing
  • Support during search for components and materials for production
  • Placement of the corresponding orders
  • Invoice processing
  • Shipment