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Management consulting China / founding (WFOE) China / presence in Hong Kong



Hong Kong as a base for operations in the People's Republic of China and the rest of the Asian region
Our office in Hong Kong deals with our long-standing partner, in addition to the actual advice for company formation, production building and relocation, with the targeted product search according to customer requirements in the Asian region. Here, our focuses in the countries of Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand are in addition to the PRC.
Here, we see an ideal addition to the production structure in the PRC, because required components and materials, which must comply with the quality features, partly can be procured in China.
We offer our customers with the structure and the location of this international platform the opportunity to position themselves without having to rely only or mainly by China throughout Asia.
In addition we offer a subsequent order processing for the product search.
Please see our detailed services.
Company foundation (WFOE) in China
      Many medium-sized companies go through a joint venture with a local Chinese company on the market.
      But this model is rare.
      We advise - if possible - to build up its own subsidiaries, in the form of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE).
      The cultural differences are often underestimated.
      In China and also in the rest of Asia much placed more emphasis on hierarchy.
      That ultimately decides the main owner of the share in difficult business decisions.